Surgery Performed By A Robot

Would you let a robot perform your surgery?

Robotic-assisted surgery sounds weird and scary but it is becoming a new normal in healthcare today.  Many hospitals around the country are indeed performing robotic assisted surgery, including my place of employment.  It is mind boggling but people are lining up to have surgeries performed by a robot.

Robot Surgeon Surgery Performed By A Robot

What is Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

Advanced robotic technology that allows some types of surgeries to be performed with greater precision and less invasiveness resulting in fewer risks to the patient.  The robot has a three-dimensional high-definition monitor and hand controls to manipulate four robotic arms.  A camera is positioned at the end of one arm which allows the surgeon to see the surgical site amplified 12 X over what the naked eye can see.

The remaining three robotic arms maneuver surgical instruments which perform the robotic assisted surgery. The surgeon remains in control of the robot at all times.

Why Would I Want Surgery Performed By A Robot?

  • Less Pain
  • Less Risk of Infection
  • Smaller Incisions
  • Less Time in the Hospital
  • Less Blood Loss
  • Faster Recovery Time
  • Quicker Return To Normal Activities of Daily Living

What Types Of Surgeries Are Being Performed By A Robot?

The future of robotic assisted surgeries is limitless.  Surgeons all over the world are using this remarkable technology with highly successful results.  The hospital where I work has performed these surgeries for the past 2 years.  Many other hospitals have used the robot for 10 or more years.  With new perfections to the system the growth of this technology is exponential.  In all likelihood, if you must have surgery in your future, your surgeon may recommend robotic assisted surgery.  What do you think?  Are you wondering what on earth this world is coming to? Or…would you ave surgery performed by a robot?
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3 Responses to Surgery Performed By A Robot

  1. Lisa February 20, 2012 at 3:40 pm #

    Are they any complications from using robots? Nice that there is less chance of infections. I would still want a doctor present.

    • adoctorandanurse February 20, 2012 at 6:22 pm #

      Lisa, the Doctor actually operates the robot so he is always present. There are always risks with any surgery and it is no different with robotic surgeries. However, studies are showing that incidents of infection are much lower and recovery times are shorter. The incisions are so small (some as small as a grain of rice) that we are seeing people go home the same day as surgery. Pretty cool.

      Here is an article that I think is very good explaining the risks/benefits of robotic surgery.

  2. Lisaa February 21, 2012 at 10:38 am #

    That is great to know. It sounds like there are no drawbacks! And shorter recovery times – even better.

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